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Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Contemporary Rug Cleaning Long Island Services

Nothing brings a room together like a beautiful rug. With a beautiful rug, it is going to truly accent every other piece of furniture inside of the room, no matter if you have carpeting underneath or if it is a wood floor. However, your rug is going to collect more dirt and dust, due to the higher level of foot traffic it sees. In order to keep it looking fantastic, you need to give us a call at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning as we can service your contemporary rug, no matter what the issue is.

We Will Come to You For A Free Consultation

Now, you may have a few questions about your contemporary rug and what sort of Green Choice Carpet Cleaning contemporary rug cleaning Long Island services are available to you. Well, you just need to give us a call and we will have one of our experienced professionals come out and inspect your rug. The professional can determine what is wrong with it and what needs to be done in order to correct it, whether it is damaged or just needs a spot removal. With this free consultation, you will instantly have an idea as to how much it is going to cost. If you decide to use our Green Choice Carpet Cleaning contemporary rug cleaning Long Island services, we can then pick up the rug at no charge to you and drop it off once the cleaning has finished.

Our Green Cleaning Process

The first real step in the rug cleaning process is going to be using the dust machine. This extracts all of the dirt and grime that sticks to the rug and is not going to come out with a standard vacuum cleaner. This is a very important method and service to use, especially if you have any sort of breathing problem due to allergies or asthma. We use only green cleaning products to ensure your allergy and asthma symptoms are not agitated.

Once the dust cleaning has been completed, our team is going to clean your rug. Now, this might just require a spot clean or it can be completely submerged in a special cleaning solution that is designed to be safe on your rug. Once this cleaning solution has done its job and your rug is looking like new, we use a drying method that removes all of the liquid from the rug so it dries properly and you do not need to deal with any potential mold growth, which occurs if it is not dried properly.

Best Price and Discounts in The Long Island and Surrounding Areas

We also have a full service repair workshop on hand, so if you have fibers starting to come loose or if you have sustained some sort of a dye bleed, which may happen if you try to spot clean the rug yourself, we can do it all for you. So, the next time you have rug cleaning requirements, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Long Island specialize in all types of area rug cleaning and repair. We have a 20% discount on all of our cleaning services. Do not waste any time and give us a call today!

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