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Why It Is Important to Have a Professional Rug Cleaning

Karastan rugs are made of high quality 100% worsted wool, so they hold up well over years of use. In fact, the Karastan company claims that they still receive letters of praise from families that bought one of their rugs when they first appeared on the market in 1928. The Karastan company is one of America’s oldest rug producers. They have been around as a trusted name in quality. They claim that their rugs require only a little care over the years. They suggest sending your Karastan rug out to a professional cleaning company who is reputable, and who has the knowledge of how to clean rugs of this high quality. They recommend that you do this when your Karastan rug appears dirty or has set-in stains. When you have a spill, or a stain that is set in you need to take immediate action if you want to keep your Karastan rug in good condition.

We Will Provide You With an Estimate And Pick-up at The Same Time

These rugs seem to last forever! When they do get stained you can give use a call for a Karastan rug cleaning Lon Island and to help remedy your situation. Call us today for a free quote over the phone. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to have one of our technicians see your rug you can set that up with the representative on the phone, too! We come out to look at the rug, and if you’re satisfied with our estimate we can pick it up and drop it off when it’s finished being cleaned. What other company offers services this convenient? And the best part is that this service is absolutely free. That’s right! There are no additional charges for pickup and delivery!

Our Processes Are Carefully Designed To Meet Your Needs

When our technicians take your rug they don’t just squirt it with a hose! They take it to our rug cleaning Long Island factory where it will undergo a procedure carefully designed by our rug cleaning specialists to revitalize and restore your Karastan rug. Our Karastan rug cleaning Long Island service technician will bring the rug to our factory where is will undergo treatment with our dusting machine. This machine is great for removing all the dirt that gets caught in rug fibers. Next, it will undergo soaking. Then, our specialists will look closely at your rug to give it the attention it deserves. It will receive spot removal treatment before going through a proper drying procedure.

If you have dirt, soil, stains or other messes on your Karastan rug then you should call our Karastan rug cleaning Long Island team today. Speak with one of our friendly representatives. They’ll answer any questions you have, give you a free estimate and help you solve your problem. With a little help your Karastan rug will last a long time! Green Choice Carpet Cleaning of Long Island has the best prices and discounts in the whole Long Island and surrounding areas. We have a 20% discount on all of our cleaning services. Give us a call today and let us provide you with the best Karastan rug cleaning Long Island you have ever had.

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