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Get A Good Kilim Rug Cleaning In Long Island

Like most rugs that are made in Asian countries, Kilim rugs are beautiful works of art. These are flat tapestry-woven rugs that can be used as decoration or as prayer rugs. They are made by tightly interweaving the weft and warp strands that produces a flat surface that has no pile. This is a tapestry weave where the horizontal weft strands are pulled down tightly so as to hide the vertical warp strands. There are several types of Kilim rugs. There’s the Persian, which has several types like the Gunny, the Needlework, the Rah Rah, the Ordinary and many more. There’s the Balkans and Eastern Europe types which consist of the Bosnian, the Polish, the Ukrainian and the Pirot to name a few. Then there’s the Anatolian, which is Turkish. These are the best known and most highly regarded of the kilim rugs.

We Have Our Own Cleaning Facility

If you happen to own one of these rugs there is no doubt that from time to time it’s going to need cleaning. That being the case if you live in or near Long Island,Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island is going to give you the best Kilim rug cleaning Long Island. They have a factory that houses some of the best rug cleaning machines. They also have a staff of highly trained rug cleaners. They offer free phone quotes or if you prefer a free on-site consultation. You will also get free pick up and delivery so you won’t have to waste your gas driving back and forth.

Our Rug Cleaning Process Step by Step

You can rest assured that once Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island gets your rug it is in good hands. There is a step by step process that the rug goes through to assure that it is thoroughly clean. First it goes through the dusting machine, which knocks out all the loose dirt and brings all the tiny dust particles to the surface of the fabric. Then the soaking process begins. Here is where all the odors, dust, and stains are removed. Next is the spot removal. This is where the rug is carefully looked over to find any spots. Once they are found they are then carefully removed. Lastly, there is the drying process where the rug is completely dried bringing it back to its former glory. Every step of the cleaning is done with care and caution to assure that your rug is returned safely and looking great.

20% Discount and Best Price in The Area

The bottom line here is that Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island is the place to go to get good Kilim rug cleaning Long Island. They have a professionally trained staff that will give your rug the best of care, you never have to leave your home to have you rug cleaned because you can call for a quote or have someone come out and inspect the rug and give you a quote. Both for free and if you make the decision to have them clean the rug, they will pick it up and bring it back for free. There really is no reason not to call right now and get that free consultation. They also have a 20% discount on all of their cleaning processes and services!

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