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Pet Stain Removal Long Island

We love our pets. We love our rugs. And our pets feel the same way about both us and our rugs. Unlike humans however, our pets neither understand nor particularly care about the damage that they inflict on our floor coverings. And it’s just not tracks from muddy paws. Vomit, urine, and feces can cause unattractive and smelly damage to delicate carpet fibers, and ruin expensive carpeting. If removed incorrectly, the damage can be permanent. Does this mean you have to choose between your Persian cat and your Persian rug? Not if you work with a professional rug cleaning company like Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island. Our experienced and trained technicians use a state of the art rug cleaning Lon Island factory and equipment to restore your floor coverings to their former pristine state and get your pets out of the doghouse. We are your experts in pet stain removal Long Island, and will make sure that your rug cleaning experience is as easy and painless as possible. You can get a quote for services from us over the phone, or arrange for a free onsite inspection and quote. Green Choice carpet Cleaning Long Island makes this process even easier by providing free pickup and drop off of your rug.

Why We Are The Best in What We Do

And what can Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island do for that pet stained carpet that a grocery store product cannot? Many homeowners discover that such cleansers do not actually break down and remove the stains. They often don’t use these products properly, further rubbing stains into carpet fabrics. The results (especially with cat urine) are odors that are not eliminated, and worse, create a “spot” or rugs that draw animals back to it to further stain it again and again.

But once at our factory, your rug will be thoroughly inspected by our experts to determine all damage and staining to it. It will then be vacuumed on both sides. It will then be dusted with special equipment. Following the dusting, it will again be vacuumed. After that, all pet stains (which have a high acid content) will be neutralized as part of our pre-treatment process. When that process is complete, your rug will be sprayed with appropriate shampoo, which is then “massaged” through the carpet fibers with equipment. Depending on the extent of the damage, your rug may be treated to a soaking after the shampoo is applied. Otherwise, the rug is thoroughly rinsed and then dried on special factory racks. This drying is followed by a rug grooming. The rug is then thoroughly inspected, rolled, and returned to your home. This state of the art pet stain removal Long Island process proves that we are the best in our field and we will make sure your rug gets the attention it deserves in order to give you high quality results.

And the results? A spotless, stain (and most importantly) odor free rug that has had its beauty and value retained by our professional cleaning. Not only will your rug look great, our pet stain removal Long Island process reduces the chances and frequency of future pet accidents on it.

20% Discount on All Cleaning Services

Pet stains on rugs don’t automatically mean it’s time for a new rug. But owners need to act quickly to avoid permanent damage. So when you’re in need of pet stain removal Long Island, call us for a free quote and begin the process of again enjoys your pets and rugs. Because we value the business of our existing clients and we also want to expend our client family further we have a 20% discount on all of our cleaning services and processes.

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