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Our Rug Cleaning Process

Having your rug cleaned is an exciting event, as you anticipate having it returned, like new again. Our rug cleaning process Long Island incorporates tried and true cleaning techniques to get your rug back to its best, so you can enjoy its beauty for years to come!

Rug Pre-Inspection

When you trust your rug to a professional rug cleaning Long Island, you want it clean! Our professional technicians will thoroughly inspect your rug from top to bottom and inside and out to ensure your rug is properly spot treated and cleaned for a rug that is like new.

As part of our professional pre-inspection process, our technicians will use an ultra violet light to visibly locate any stains and contaminants in the rug such as mold, mildew and urine etc. During inspection, delicate or weak areas will be blocked off and gently cleaned to avoid damage.

Before your rug is cleaned, it will be dye tested to determine if the colors will bleed, to ensure proper treatment of the rug. During this process, the technician will treat the area with a specific cleaning solution, then place a paper towel over the area for up to 24 hours to see if the colors bleed.

Air Dust Technique

Dust and allergens such as smoke, dead skin cells, dust mites and pet dander etc. can saturate your rug and thus decrease the indoor air quality of your home or business. Surprisingly, professional cleaning alone is still not enough to remove these invisible pollutants from your rug. As part of our rug cleaning process Long Island, our professional technicians will use a unique air dust tool to remove dust from your rug, before cleaning it, to ensure your rug contributes to a fresher, cleaner indoor environment. During the air dusting process, soft compressed air is used to apply just the right pressure needed to remove dust without damaging the rug. It will even remove dust build-up from the knots of the rug.

Hand Cleaning

We understand that your rug can become a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, we hand clean your rug to provide the most gentle, yet effective, cleaning. During the rug cleaning process Long Island, our technicians will thoroughly saturate the rug with water, then follow up with our signature cleaning solution to lift dirt and build-up from your rug. Once the rug is saturated on the front side, the technician will flip the rug over to saturate the back. At this time, your rug’s fringes will also be treated to bring them back to showroom quality.

The technician will then utilize a special cleaning tool to push the dirt from the back of the rug to the front, where all dirt will be thoroughly extracted. The rug will then be flushed with water, until the water runs clear, to ensure your rug is clean, soft and fresh smelling again.

Drying the Rug

During the drying process, rugs are gently hoisted into the air in our temperature controlled drying room, where they will hang until they are free of moisture.

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