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If you have a Persian, Turkish or any other type of exotic rug, you have a valuable asset. These rugs are functional works of art. They are made using techniques developed over thousands of years. Whether they are handmade or woven using looms or machines, each of these rugs display unique designs, motifs, and color schemes that reflect the regional and cultural background of the people who made them. Many people use these valuable exotic rugs as wall hangings and decorations. Others use them to complement their furnishings and add class, culture, and a unique look to special areas.

No matter how the rugs are used, it’s imperative they be properly cleaned and cared for if they are to look their best. Over time dust, dirt, and stains can begin to mar their appearance. That why it’s important to call in the rug cleaning experts at Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island to periodically remove the stains, and clean and disinfect the rugs. The rug stain removal Long Island residents and business people with exotic rugs require special equipment, chemicals, training, and processes. At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island we have the equipment and expertise to make exotic rugs look their best.

Rug Cleaning is A Tradition to Us

We take exotic rug cleaning seriously. We have special processes developed over many years that can remove stains from expensive rugs and get them deep cleaned without doing damage to them. We begin by doing a free thorough inspection of the rug on site to identify stains or patches of dirt that require special attention. We than give you a free estimate of what it will cost to clean the rug and how long it will take. We pick up and return the rugs ourselves at no additional charge and we always treat the rugs with the utmost care. Or rug stain removal Long Island service is one of the most popular services amongst our clients.

We Have Our Own Cleaning Facility

We have our own rug cleaning facility so you can rest assured we will do the job right. We use our dusting machine to begin the cleaning process. We then soak the rugs in a special bath to get rid of the dust, dirt, odors, and stains. If the rug has been damaged, we have a full repair shop where we can fix any problems we find. The rug is then thoroughly cleaned and dried using our advanced techniques designed to make them look, feel, and smell great. When the process is complete, we return the rug directly to you and provide any assistance you need putting it in its proper place. We do offer free pick-up and delivery in the Long Island and surrounding areas. Our rug stain removal Long Island specialists are fully prepared to assist you in any way.

Best 20% Discount on All Cleaning Processes

If you have a Persian, Turkish, any other type of precious, delicate rugs, give us a call. We can provide the rug stain removal Long Island home and business owner need to keep their rugs looking their best. We also have a special at the moment and provide 20% off on all cleaning services and processes.

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