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Shag rugs are unique. They have a distinctive look and feel that is different than any other type of carpeting. However, for them to look their best shag rugs require a special type of cleaning process. If you live in Long Island and want your shag rugs to look their best, contact Green Choice Carpet of Long Island. They are shag rug experts. They have their own rug cleaning facility, special rug cleaning processes, and entire staff that specially trained to handle all types of rugs and carpets. There are a number of different types of shag rugs, and each one requires a different cleaning process.

Shag Rug Experts

Whether you have classic 70s shag or the new high-end shag, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island can make it look the best it ever has. They will either hand clean it or put it through their dusting machine, soak it completely to remove dust, odors, and stains, then it’s washed and thoroughly dried. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island are rug repair experts. If your shag carpet has any kind of damage, this company can repair it in their rug repair workshop. Plus the offer free inspection, and they pick up the rugs from your home or business and return it when the job is complete. This company has the best highest quality shag rug cleaning Long Island process!

They provide the kind of high quality shag rug cleaning home and business owners in Long Island want. It’s the only way to ensure your rugs will look as good and last as long as they were designed to. Plus their service is fast, thorough, and affordable.

The Best Environment Friendly Carpet Cleaning Company

If you need a shag rug cleaning Long Island, then simply get in contact with Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island. They’ll give you a free quote and schedule an onsite inspection at no cost to you. You can also have any questions you have about the care, cleaning, and protection of your shag carpet answered. They use only environment-friendly products that are safe for both pets and people. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offer the kind of shag rug cleaning Long Island residents and business people know will make the shag rugs look great.

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Don’t wait until your shag rugs is too dirty or damaged to be saved before calling Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island. Ideally shag rugs should be thoroughly cleaned several times a year. If you have not had your shag rugs professionally cleaned recently, you should call or email Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island. They will inspect your shag rugs at your home or business, give you a great price to clean and repair it, hand clean or machine clean it thoroughly, make all the necessary repairs, and return it to you in a flash. If you want the best shag rug cleaning Long Island, you need to contact Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island. They have a 20% discount on all cleaning processes and services at the moment so don’t waste anymore time and call them to get the best shag rug cleaning service in Long Island.

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