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Uniqueness of Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are elegant and lend uniqueness to a space. These rugs are delicate and require a different approach while cleaning. Most silk rugs originated from Asian countries. Today they are everywhere and a popular choice among homeowners who want to decorate their homes with a traditional touch.

Our Silk Rug Cleaning Long Island

We are a company specializing in silk rug cleaning Long Island and repair as well. Our team of expert cleaners are trained and experienced in many forms of silk rug cleaning techniques. Besides, we carry the right equipment and solutions to perform the cleaning job within your given time-frame. We also make sure to match our clients’ preferences and budget and deliver only the best results.

Silk Rug Cleaning Process

When it comes to silk rug cleaning Long Island, we use multiple steps that are gentle and safe on silk fabrics.


– Our professionals will first inspect the area rug and use an appropriate technique for cleaning. For this, they will first test a square foot of the rug with the solution and ensure that it will not produce any adverse effect. The solution is then tried on the rest of the area rug.


– This technique will remove all loose soil and dirt from the silk rug. The rug is hanged and vibrated till all the dirt falls off.


– Any accidental spills, stains and dirt are then hand-cleaned meticulously. Solid spills are also removed using special green products meant for silk fabrics. Any scraping or friction is avoided during the process. Instead, a gentle soap and sponge are used for cleaning. Finally, a large cloth the size of the rug is placed to absorb wet as much as possible.Our silk rug cleaning Long Island process is a very high quality and will give you the best results!


– This final step is used to remove excess moisture from the silk fabrics to keep the rug safe and protected from mold and mildew growth. The industrial-strength heater dries the entire rug and ensures that its color, pattern, texture and quality are intact. Unlike ordinary heaters, this equipment is designed for silk rug cleaning Long Island with temperature and pressure set to optimal level.

Why Choose Our Silk Rug Cleaning Long Island – We have 20% Discount on All Cleaning Services

Whether you own a rug that you bought recently or has been passed down in your family, cleaning it takes more than just vacuuming. By relying on our company for your silk rug cleaning Long Island needs, you are not only getting the peace of mind you deserve but adding value to your precious assets or collectibles. There are a very few companies that offer specialty rug cleaning service around Long Island and our company has the highest ratings among them. So, call us right away and get the cleaning done the same day. We also have 20% discount on all of our custom cleaning services and processes.

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