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Turkish Carpets

While there is a plethora of different types of rugs that are at your disposal to look at, try out and test for your home or business, there are some classics that simply never grow old or out of style, and are continued to be passed down from generation to generation. Turkish carpets are one of those. Turkish carpets and rugs are usually hand knotted or flat woven, and are some of the most well known and established hand crafted art that circulates throughout the world. Since they originate from typically nomadic people, the art was able to travel the world and spread throughout numerous different countries and become a classic as we know it.

About Green Choice Carpet Cleaning, Long Island

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island is a company that focuses heavily on the happiness of the customers, and will do anything to assure you that your service and your experience with them was one that will have you coming back for more. They do not only do rug cleaning Long Island, but rug repairs as well, making this a one stop shop for many of their customers. Free quotes are given simply by calling the company and asking for one, and you can even schedule an onsite inspection of your home or business with one of their trusted and trained cleaning staff. Free delivery and pick up is also included with every service provided by the their professional team.

The Process

Dusting machines are used during the cleaning to make sure that all dust and other firm particles will be removed from the area and not interfere with the actual cleaning process itself. Things like dust and other particles can hide within your carpet and lurk there for long periods of time without you knowing, causing things like allergens to react with your body. After this comes rug soaking, which will remove the actual dust, stains and odors that take away from the beauty of your carpet. This is a thorough process that will help re install the original look and cleanliness of your carpet, as well as make it fresh and smelling clean. Large fans are used afterward to ensure you that the rug will dry quickly. When your rug is delivered the specialists of Turkish rug cleaning Long Island will lay it down and move all the furniture back in place.

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If you’re interested in a service that’s willing to work and serve you to the best of your ability, then Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Long Island is the go to for you. Make an appointment today with one of the trained professionals that will be on their way to help clean up and improve your rug and space. We have the best state of the art Turkish rug cleaning Long Island service. For our clients’ convenience we have a 20% discount on all cleaning services. Call us today and take advantage of it!

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