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About Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are the most expensive and luxurious forms of rugs in everyday use as a home decorative element. When it comes to reliable area rugs, this type has a number of advantages over synthetic varieties, such as durability and value. Nevertheless, wool rugs represent only a small percentage of rugs sold in the US market.

Our Service

Wool rugs inevitably involve cleaning from time-to-time because when they are stepped on, they require special attention due to the sensitive fabric material. Beyond dusting or vacuuming regularly using household machines, these rugs need professional care to get rid of the germs and stains hidden deep inside. Our wool rug cleaning Long Island company is specialized in handling wool rugs to the core by giving attention to details and performing the appropriate cleaning process. We will provide you with a free quote when you call us, along with free pick-up and delivery. You can either schedule an inspection and cleaning by phone and online via chat or e-mail.

Our Wool Rug Cleaning Process

Our wool rug cleaning Long Island process involves multiple steps with great care given to the rug fibers irrespective of its condition. Professional rug cleaners from our company will use techniques that are designed to get rid of hard-to-remove stains and trapped pollutants in the rug effectively. We also carry equipments that remove microscopic elements that cause allergies and other illnesses.


– Our experts in Long Island will do a thorough inspection of your wool rug upon arrival and give an estimate for the work to be done.


– The wool rug is then subjected to dusting where the rug is inverted and vibrated so that all the dry soil are loosened. Once the dry dirt is removed, the rug is cleaned with wet technique.


– Hand cleaning is the safest way for wool rug cleaning Long Ilsnad. Because of the nature of the fibers, these rugs are vacuumed gently at first on both front and back sides. The rug is then placed on a clean area and washed with a gentle liquid cleaner and sponge.


– Wool rugs are finally dried using industrial-strength drier, making sure that every strand of fiber is dry. This equipment is meant to absorb moisture quickly and prevent smell or mildew growth on wool.

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In essence, by choosing our wool rug cleaning Long Island company for your wool rug needs, you are preserving the quality of your rug and also protecting the health of you and your loved ones. Cleaning rugs this way will keep them looking fresh and neat as well. Note that, wool rugs are designed to last a lifetime. This itself is an indication that the rugs need special care. With our wool rug cleaning Long Island service, you can expect wool fibers to last long. Call us today and receive 20% discount on all of our cleaning processes.

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