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Sleep Better with Mattress Cleaning Long Island

Did you know that we spend 1/3rd of our life sleeping? This is why a good portion of our dead skin cells accumulate in our mattresses. On top of this your mattress could have dust dander and mites which cause and agitate allergies. That’s why it is of great importance to keep your mattresses clean. Our green steam cleaning can kill bed bugs and remove allergens leaving your mattress clean and fresh to sleep on. We also offer a stain and odor removal service which will take care of stains and odors on your mattress. Our green products will clean your mattress without triggering your allergies! For over two decades our mattress cleaning services in Long Island have given our clients a peace of mind knowing that the mattress they sleep on is free of stains and odors.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process

In our experience we have found that vacuuming a mattress with HEPA filter is not enough since it is only cleaning the surface of the mattress. In order to kill all the dust dander and bed mites your mattress will require a more thorough cleaning. When you call us for mattress cleaning, our team will steam cleaning your mattress with the most advanced cleaners on the market. When we are finished your mattress will be fresh and clean.

At Green Choice Carpet of Long Island we first spray your mattress with a green cleaning solution and agitate the fibers to make sure the cleaning solution penetrates deep into the mattress and loosens up dirt and stains from the mattress’ fibers. The second step of the cleaning process is to treat any stains that may remain on the mattress. Next we use our powerful vacuum system to lift and remove the cleaning solution from the mattress. All the dust, allergens and stains that are trapped in the cleaning solution are removed for good. We at Green Choice Carpet of Long Island do not just clean the top of the mattress. We will also clean the sides and back of your mattress to give a thorough cleaning that will leave your mattress looking and smelling fresh and clean. Best of all, we only use green cleaning solutions so no harsh chemicals will be left on your mattress that can cause skin rashes or leave a chemical odor.

At Green Choice we are not only dedicated to customer satisfaction, but we have the lowest cleaning rates around. Our low prices do not mean bad service. See our reviews and see what our past clients have been saying about us!

Call us now at 1-516-453-5463 and our customer care are there to answer all the questions you might have about our cleaning and prices.

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